Friday, 29 June 2012

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

Top- H&M £14.99, shorts-£5 Primark, shoes-£8 Primark
Got my smartest gear on today for a meeting at dancing, grey shorts and brogues. It went pretty well and finished earlier than I thought so D and I went for an adventure down by the river, which culminated in a pretty impressive game of handstands!

It's my birthday tomorrow (woop woop 22!) so I'm out for a Chinese with my grandparents tonight. I always try and dress a little more conservatively when I'm visiting my grandparents so I've opted for a green dress that I got in the sale from Urban Outfitters, dressed up with some of my favourite rings.

Dress-Urban Outfitters £21, Shoes- M&S £14.99

Rings-'junk shop' which is a little vintage shop near me, think they were around £3 each.

Haha! Just realised how my favourite colours are clearly greens and blues! Everything blends in together! I'm almost the same colour as my kitchen wall...stylish!

Might be Sunday when I next post as I'm working in the day on my birthday but then heading out for a (hopefully) wild night! Will post the obligatory birthday haul photos and my special outfit of the day.

I'm so so excited, I love birthdays for seeing family and friends, and I'm intrigued as to what people will have bought me...I'll let you know!

Happy birthday to any other June birthdays!

KJ xxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Where the heart is...

Thought that today I would give you a sneaky peak around the flat that D and I love very much! Have snapped some pictures of my favourite little bits and bobs from around the place. What do you think???
(No outfit of the day as I'm teaching dancing all tonight so I'm just in a leotard, no one needs to see that!)

Doesn't feel like home without some bright flowers and thoughtful cards!

My little home made bathroom box! Made from an old wine box, I stenciled the design on with two different shades of green.

Tapestry cushions.

Multi-coloured glass light, original from the fifties, was in our flat when we moved in-how lucky!

The bunting that I made from swatches of fabric from Ebay.

Present from my mum.

This hanger was also a present from my mum. Have made most of the bits hanging from it, apart from the yellow and black, which are badges from my placements.
What are your favourite pieces from around your home???
I always hold a special place in my heart for gifts or items which I have made myself!

KJ xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Who needs a face when you have shoes like this!

Top (worn under jumper)- Topshop, can get loads of cheapy knock offs though!
Jumper- Dorothy Perkins, £15
Jeans- Miss Selfridge, in the sale for £15
Bag- Topshop, present from D
Shoes- River Island, £35

The top that I was wearing underneath
Pastel blue-Models Own pastels collection
Metallic blue- Rimmel 60 seconds
Ring- Dolce and Gabbana
So this was my outfit for last night's pub quiz, see I do wear jeans sometimes too! I have to admit that I am usually more likely to wear a skirt or dress as I am not too comfortable about my whole leg area and feel that a loose skirt covers it up a bit! Hopefully can get it sorted for summer though, booked some boot camp classes with D and I'm hoping I get the 30 day shred and Zumba DVDs for my birthday!
It was cold and rainy so I threw on my pastel skinnies, a lovely cosy jumper and a little scalloped collar top underneath. Think the cold weather explains the dodgy lighting in the photos, and the lack of face!
The pub quiz was pretty fun although we came second, was pretty hard with a picture round on 'men from history' and a theme round on 'Scotland'-not my strong points!
Anyways, got my dancing revision to do so best shoot off (also, Real Housewives of New York is on!).

Enjoy your Wednesday!

KJ xxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Don't you want me baby...

Skirt-£7 Primark
Shoes-£45 Office

Crop top- my mum's in the 80s!
Necklace- Urban Outfitters, for my 18th when I visited Paris.
Sunglasses- £2 Primark.
Quite a short one today as I haven't done anything too exciting! Got a dance teaching exam in a few weeks so have been revising for that really. Had a little walk down to the shops with D in the sun and made some yummy veggie burritos, I'm in such a Mexican mood recently! I've decided that if I ever get married, I want nothing more than the band from the doritos adverts playing classics for me to dance too!

On a different note, I'm amazed by this skirt from Primark! The print is so bright and the whole feel of the skirt is so silky and vintagey, I can see myself getting so much wear out of it!

Have you found any Primark treats recently?

KJ xxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

The winds of change...

Apologies for my moody face! Was cross about the England game!!!

Dress- H&M a while ago, but you can still get a similar style, just in different prints. I don't normally wear animal prints but I really like the deep blue colour of this dress.

Belt- From a vintage shop a few weeks ago. I thought a white belt gave a bit of an 80s feel to this dress.

Jacket- River Island. I've been relegated to wearing this jacket, as D has stolen my lovely vintage Levis jacket! Find it a bit boring really but it was a chilly day. Am definitely going to do something with it, either bleach the bottom, or do a pink dip dye. Which do you think would look better, advice needed!

Shoes- River Island, adore my little lace up wedges, so so comfy

Bracelet- From a little boutique called Bond down the road from me, I love feather jewellery and this was a steal at £5!

Today was lovely! D's Mum and Dad took us out with his sister and brother-in-law to celebrate his new job. We went to the Hare and Hounds which is a beautiful cosy little pub at the top of Werneth Low, a huge hill near us. The views are incredible, wish I'd have taken some pictures as you can see the whole of Manchester, but it was far too windy to stand outside for long!
We had a lovely meal and a few drinks then headed back to watch the England game, not so good.
Then we cadged a lift back to us, and had a good old singalong to some dodgy power ballads in the car, hence today's title!

With my make-up post yesterday I didn't get chance to talk about my Saturday night out! D's uni friend and his girlfriend came to stay and we went to Matt and Phreds jazz club, then for a dance afterwards. We made total fools of ourselves on the dance floor and it was BRILLIANT!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!

KJ xxx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kiss and make up...

Bit of a different one today. I love reading reviews of beauty products on other blogs, so I thought I'd take you through my tried and tested daily make-up routine.


Foundation- Body Shop Moisturising foundation, picked this up in an emergency when my other foundation leaked all over my bag! But so glad I did, feels lovely and light on my skin and has a really nice smell!

Bronzer- Body Shop bronzing pearls, I'm so pale so these are a must!

Blush- Benetint from benefit, a dream product! Has lasted for so so long and can use it on lips, cheeks, anything!

Highlighter- Moon Beam from benefit, great to put both under and over make-up, gives that glow that I love!


Eye shadows- Compact from No7, use the lightest shade on the inside of my eyelid then blend to the darkest shade as I move out.

Eyeliner- Bad Gal by benefit, amazing chunky eyeliner!

Mascara- Bad Lash by benefit, I really like the length that this gives, I don't really like the 'thick' eyelash look, so this is perfect for me!

Assorted lipglosses- From a set called 'welcome to glossytown' by benefit, what a great birthday present! They glide on with a fair amount of colour and are so so glossy!

For everyday I tend to just use a lip balm and my favourites are the Burts Bees minty one or 'sweet lemon' butter from the Body Shop.

Has anyone got any wonder products they love to use???

KJ xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Here comes the sun...

Dress- Topshop, almost ten years ago now! Is still a little tight, but I love the fifties style of it.
Sunglasses- Primark, £2.

What a beautiful day it was! D and I made the most of it with a two hour walk down the river to Chorlton Water Park. How gorgeous is the scenery! I can't believe we live 10 minutes away from Manchester city centre and also have this river at the end of the road!

Then I met up with Becky, one of my friends from Uni who I haven't seen in forever. Was great to catch up on all her crazy gossip, and we had some tasty food at a little French cafe in town.

Being a big lazy I asked D to come and collect me and we ended up on a spontaneous late night cinema trip to see Red Lights, good film!

Was a mad busy day but was so lovely.
I also got the good news that I am on a first overall for the 2nd year of my degree, can't believe it! So happy!

Enjoy the sun!

KJ xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Celebrate good times...

Top- Topshop, last year, I know everyone has this style of button up top, but I just can't resist the blue embroidery, I can wish I was an exotic Greek!
Necklace- Boots, £8.
Skirt- Miss Selfridge, as per (I do wear other stuff too, honest!)
Nails- Models Own pastel polishes.
Ring- Dolce and Gabbana cross ring, a present off my Uncle, I think he chose pretty well!

It was time to celebrate today! We found out that D had got his job, so is now from September going to be a fully fledged teacher! Soooo excited and dead relieved as well as he has managed to get in a really lovely school. We've always said that whenever he got a job we would go for a meal so we stuck to our word and headed to a beautiful little tapas bar near us Pinchjos, and it was such a nice day that we could sit outside and pretend we lived in Spain-HEAVEN!
We then met up with around 12 of our friends for the England game and then the pub quiz, then headed to a local cocktail bar for celebratory drinks!
I had a 'cherrydrop' which had Midori, Amaretto, lime and cranberry and was DELICIOUS! Holly's was pretty amazing too, an 'apple and rhubarb strudel martini', tasted just like a cake!
We'll definitely be going there again!

I also treated myself to some books to read out in the sun over the summer, got them for some bargainous prices in Tesco! As well as a cook book by my favourite food writer Rachel Allen, which was clearly priced wrong at £3! You should definitely look her up if you like cooking, her recipes are so tasty and never fail! I'll post pics of my first attempts!

So glad the sun seems to have come out again, D and I both have the day off today so we can do something nice outside.

What are your plans for the sun?

KJ xxx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The birthday list!

So, rather scarily, it will be my 22nd birthday in just under two weeks and I feel that the time has come to compile myself a little list! I'm pretty sure I wont get any of these bits and bobs (apart from maybe off my mum or D), but hopefully I can use any bits of birthday money to treat myself!
Just spent a wonderful hour internet browsing and these are my final choices!
This STUNNING Topshop swan print dress, as seen on the fab Cold Knees blog. As soon as I saw it I knew it would fit my going out style perfectly! Now just got to hunt down one in my size!

Miss Selfridge little shirt, can't really tell on this picture but it has pastel pansies (one of my favourite flowers) and the cutest broiderie anglaise pattern.

River Island flamingo pattern skirt, how amazing would this look for summer beer garden drinks with a white shirt and some sandals!
Purple studded vintage Levis from my favourite website Yayer, for when I want to pretend I'm a hipster!
Really unique little Motel playsuit, like how the top bit is a little baggier, would be ideal for meals out when you need a bit of room for a food baby!

Lavish Alice mint shirt, would be great on its own in summer, then under dresses and jumpers in winter.
Models Own nail varnish, ALL OF THEM! I'm obsessed!
Pearl collar tips, available from Ebay, great for tarting up some of my shirts.

Shoes from Missguided, I've only recently discovered Missguided and I know that it sells great clothes, but SERIOUSLY! Check out the shoes! Any of these would put a birthday smile on my face!

I'm also hankering after some floral pants after seeing some other bloggers looking amazing in them! Does anyone have any recommendations???

Enioy the sun!

KJ xxx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Monochromes, Karaoke and fake duck...

D's birthday weekend, and it's gone with a bang! First was Friday, started off like a beautiful sunny day but ended up hailing-crazy crazy British weather! Went for a bit of a monochrome vibe, with a little black dress from Glamorous (has a cute little frill at the top that you can't see) and a headscarf which I made from some material cut from a blouse that doesn't fit me anymore, great idea and it worked pretty well I think!

When it was sunny I matched it up with some bargainous primark sunglasses that were only £2!
The Saturday was work at dancing, then a mad rush back to get ready for D's birthday night out. First we had some friends and family round to play on our new toy, the Xbox kinnect (AMAZING fun and the best exercise, I'm gonna be ripped!). Proud to say I won the bowling :)
Then headed out for drinks and karaoke and general embarassing times. No outfit pics sadly as I was in such a rush but I wore my trusty Miss Selfridge black skater and a new little suntop from Topshop with a bit of a 50s style.
Then today was a family meal at the local Chinese, which had the best veggie selection ever ever. Filled up on hot and sour soup and fake duck, now I'm like a beached whale on the sofa!
This was my outfit (with some handy spanx underneath it all!)
What a weird pic of my face! Never mind eh, it's all about the clothes!

Hope everyone out there had a nice weekend too!

KJ xxx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

All you need is...

T-shirt- New Look, think this was only about £7 a few months back. Love the summery colour and it's got a white bobbly effect which isn't something I've seen before.
Skirt- Miss Selfridge as per!
Necklace- one my Mum picked me a few Christmasses ago, not a bad choice at all!

I'll keep it short and sweet today as I have sososo much to do! Today was my Grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary so we went round with cards and flowers etc. The sheer length of time they have been together is amazing, but what warms my little heart even more is the fact that they still clearly adore each other, they kept making little jokes and giggling away like teenagers. Just hope I'll be anywhere near as happy as that!

On a separate note, did anyone see the preview of the new A/W stock at Primark on the Look website??? Those crombie coats have got my name all over them, bring on the Winter!

KJ xxx