Monday, 15 April 2013

Guess who's back...

So I'm back! With a new blog title and some very exciting news!
Can't believe it has been almost a year since I last posted, a few things got in the way, like third year of flippin Uni!

So we'll take things one at a time-

1. New blog title. I've recently started a new sideline, making custom and glitter nail polishes under the name Northern Sky Nails (named after my favourite ever ever song!) so figured it's easier just to have everything under the same name. Bit of a new design too, felt like a wanted something a bit more minimalist rather than bright, seeing as I'm getting older!

2. Hopefully a bit of a new direction, with more structured posts and maybe even some videos if I'm feeling brave! Have gotten a lot more comfortable with my style over the past year and am also a lot more into beauty, make-up and skincare than I once was, so you can expect lots of reviews, favourites and recommendations!

3. Guess who's engaged! That's right! I'm more surprised than you are! My ridiculously lovely boyfriend (or fiancé now, crazy!) proposed whilst we were on a holiday in Paris, and after asking him if he was joking for twenty minutes I obviously said yes!!! We are now in wedding planning mode (or we will be after I hand in my dissertation!) It still hasn't sunk in, but to wet your appetite here's a quick picky of the ring, which I LOVE!

Eek! So sparkly!
It's a Tanzanite stone, which is only mined in one mine in Tanzania, making it incredibly rare, surrounded by twelve diamonds on a white gold band. I'm always drawn to coloured stones when looking at jewellery and this is PERFECT! In different lights it looks both blue and purple, I think the boy did pretty good!

Will post a bit of Paris summary soon with some more pictures of our trip!

Karen xx

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