Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mini Barry M Haul

Woops! Was walking past Superdrug after a particularly pants day of writing my dissertation and decided to cheer myself up in the best way I know, buying MORE nail varnishes!
Although I don't think Barry M are the best nail varnishes in the world (I love love love Models Own, and I've just got two Essie polishes which seem really nice), I do think they have a great colour selection, get on the latest trends pretty quickly and most importantly don't break the bank!
At either £2.99 for a 'normal' polish or £3.99 for a 'gelly', you can't really complain!

Looking forward to pairing these shades with pastel spring looks, and also think they would work well with monochrome outfits, just to give them a pop of colour. I'm also really looking forward to trying the glitter topcoat, maybe over my new pale pink Essie?

Has anyone got any good nail art or colour combo ideas for my new purchases???



  1. Essie is definitely my favorite too, but I like the fresh new takes on nail polish Barry M brings out! I have that glitter topcoat, and I tend to use it over my Essie Ballet Slippers, which is a pale pink! Thanks for your comment!

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  3. Barry M are such great little products but don't you find the drying time a little annoying :/ xo


Thanks for the comments! I'll always take the time to read these :)