Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Brighten my northern sky...

T-shirt-Topshop £14.00, Skirt-Primark £3, Shoes-Topshop £15

Yesterday was so much fun, I can't believe how happy the sun makes me feel! In the day I did some boring housewifey tasks like tidying my dressing table and washing up, so as a treat I went and read my new Company magazine in the sun. It's definitely my favourite magazine to read, it's written with intelligence and I love how many of the features include bloggers!
Then we had some friends round for a BBQ in the sun, headed to the pub quiz (where we did embarassingly badly!) then came back to ours for some more drinks and games. Was all in all a nice relaxed summer night.
Then today went to the dentist (booo) then met my Mum for some shopping and lunch in John Lewis. Had a tasty tasty tomato and mozzarella sandwich then went and lusted over all the amazing homey stuff they have there. My mum got some lovely clothes and shoes in the sales and I bought some fabric dyes to try some DIYS, I'll keep you posted on that one!
After finishing for Uni etc I'm trying to get a bit more creative so keep your eyes peeled for some crafty posts!
Oooh on another note, check out my aztecy inspired nails, I'm pretty proud of them for a first go!
I've really been enjoying nail art over the past few months, have tried flowers, stripes, spots and a sun/sea/sand scene. Am now waiting for some nail stickers in the post, will review them as they look amazing in the pics! Fingers crossed!

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather!

KJ xxx


  1. Absolutely love your skirt! It's gorgeous x

  2. Love the nailpolish! It's beautiful:)

  3. Love the outfit! So chic and effortless. I'm surprised how much the sun affects people, in the US it just makes everyone angry and so pissy haha.

  4. That skirt's gorgeous and such a bargain! xx

  5. I love everything aztec at the moment! Your nails look fab!


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