Thursday, 26 July 2012

I wish I was zooey...

So today I spied this AMAZING giveaway on one of my favourite blogs, (seriously, check it out!) where SmartBuyGlasses are generously offering £100 for the glasses or sunglasses of your choice.
As a prescription glasses wearer this is a great opportunity for me to think about getting some slightly more stylish glasses seeing as I have had my old ones since secondary school!
After recently cutting in quite a thick fringe I was unsure what sort of style would suit this but then I remembered the ultimate glasses and fringe girl crush...Zooey Deschanel!

Love both the cats eye and wayfarer styles so picked my favourite 3 off the SmartBuyGlasses website.

Have you seen any fab giveaways on blogs recently?

Fingers crossed for this one!

KJ xxx


  1. Hi hun :) Amazing sunglasses! What do you think of following each other? Let me know
    Keep in touch


  2. I love zooey too!! Her tv show Newgirl is amazing!!

    Amy x

  3. Hellooo!!! thanks so so much for your lovely comment on Sallytangle, most kind!!! I didnt think of that, and i love it when i have something that no-one else does ;)

    I am off for a goosey gander around your lovely blog xxxx

  4. I love Zooey D's style! Those glasses look ideal for recreating her look!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk


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