Thursday, 5 July 2012


My shopping outfit! H&M dress £7 (does anyone else find that H&M stuff shrink MASSIVELY in the wash? Soon this dress will be a crop top!) , Primark brogues £8.
So I got a couple of gift cards etc for my birthday so took D on the inevitable birthday shop! We wandered round Manchester, had some lunch and both got some lovely new treats!

I picked up some decent bargains in the sales (and some non-sale non-bargains, woops!).

After my favourite brogues in the world, which were only 99p from Ebay, fell apart on a trip to the the pub I have been after some replacements and spotted these heavenly beauties!

Topshop, reduced to £20!
I LOVE minty coloured things, and these brogues are oh so comfy. I'm so chuffed with them!

Skirt-£10 Topshop, Shorts (not in the sale, woops!) £35 Topshop
I also picked up a skirt which is shimmery shiny and makes me a very happy Karen! Plus some aztec patterned denim shorts which weren't in the sale, but I've been looking for some for an age!

Also picked up some glittery nail varnish, books and necklaces, but I'll leave those for another day.

Sorry I haven't posted for ages, I've got a dead important exam on Tuesday so until then I'm a little preoccupied! Bad blogger!

Have any of you found any crackers in the sales???

KJ xxx


  1. hope you do really well on your exam! i love those shoes, what a steal!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. ohhh that skirt!! its like a little hula skirt!!

  3. CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love it! The shoes look so good with the outfit! :)

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  4. Lovely dress! <3


  5. your brogues are amazing and I love your dress! I actually have a dress from H&M that I think that srink after washing, it's so much shorter now than when I bought it! haha

    Drawing Dreaming

  6. Those brogues look really nice! I've been looking for a cheap pair that I like but I've still had no success :( Oh well! Cute blog!

  7. Can't believe I haven't been sale shopping yet! Everything here is gorgeous, especially those brouges! Xx

  8. I love those mint brogues! Its a shame they're not on the website :s
    Daniella x

  9. I love love love those denim shorts! wowee x


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