Thursday, 2 August 2012

The challenge...

T-shirt-Topshop £14, Skirt-Tesco OLD, Necklace and bag-Primark, Shoes-Topshop

Today has been full of running some very boring errands like doctors appointments, shopping and getting travel insurance sorted-nothing too exciting to report there!
Although I do have good news on the exam front, found out that I got a 91 honours in my recent ballet exam, which is suprising as I didn't feel it had gone that well, but I am massively pleased!
Also, the girls who I put in for tap exams did really well too, with the majority getting distinctions, so that was a lovely suprise!

So onto my new big 'challenge'! As I work at a dancing school I only earn during term times, which is a bit rubbish during school holidays. This means that over summer I MASSIVELY struggle for money, however I still get tempted by all the pretty new things in the shops and on websites. To try and save some of my pennies I have decided to try and buy as little as possible until my next pay day comes in October. I'll be showing you each day how I have tried to either restyle an old item, or beg, borrow (but not steal!) my way to any new clothes.
With this challenge in mind I headed to my Mum's for lunch yesterday, where I still keep a fair few clothes from when I was younger and picked up 3 bin bags to bring back. Some of it might be total rubbish but hopefully I can find some gems!
I actually rediscovered this little skirt from Tesco about 5 years ago. I used to wear a long top over it but I decided to try it as a high-waisted skirt and think it looks pretty good with my faithful white tee.
The necklace was a Primark sale pick up a few weeks ago, 50p! Can't argue with that!

Is anyone else trying to rewear their wardrobe???

Wish me luck!

KJ xxx


  1. This is a very cute casual outfit, love the skirt!! I struggle with money in the summertime too, don't feel too bad girl! xx

  2. Nice post !

    3 words YOU LOOK FABULOUS :) !

    I am an instant follower now :)

    p.s I want to invite you to join my first Rire Boutique Giveaway !! :)

    Check it out ! :)



  3. I love the necklace, can't believe it was 50p! Sounds like a great project, I'm on a spending ban right now too (bar charity shop/car boot sale clothes) and it's surprising how creative it forces you to be with your outfits!
    Faye x

  4. That necklace is amazing!! I can't believe it was 50p in Primark =D That's a really good idea to recycle your wardrobe - it's always a lot of fun finding things you haven't worn for a long time and pairing them with newer things!

  5. J'aime beaucoup ta jupe!Super!

    Angela Donava

  6. I'm trying to sell my wardrobe aha! But it's encouraged me to wear different things because I'm very 'jeans and tshirt'.

    It'll be fun to see how you recycle and restyle your clothes, I'm in desperate need of inspiration!

    (P.S. thanks for popping by my blog :))

  7. I really love this outfit!!

  8. Thats a great challenge Karen!
    Everytime I go back to Greece I have two different wardrobes (one in my hometown house and one in my summer house) and I wanna get them back to London with me but I cant due to the weight!
    However I am very happy to see my 'old' clothes and I'm still wearing some of my favourite clothes from teenage years.
    My advice is to mix and match, new and old and then you can definitely do it!!!
    Good luck:)

    P.S: I got the same bag from Primark!


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