Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Under the sea

Denim jacket-VERY old from river island, DIY dip dye, t-shirt £3 Primark, Jeans-£25 M&S, Shoes-£14.99 Topshop

Quite a casual outfit post today as we just went to some friends to watch some of the Olympics (seriously addicted!). Saw the printed t shirt in primark the other day for a teeny tiny £3 and thought that was pretty good, I really love the colours and fishy print!

I've had this jacket for about 10 years (if not more) and it's pretty shapeless and a bit boring so I decided to indulge my love for all things dip dyed and try a DIY job. It was really easy and a pretty cheap way to make my jacket that bit more exciting.
I bought some pink dye (Dylon flamingo pink) from John Lewis, I know you can get it from Ebay but I actually found it to be quite cheap at JL so would recommend that!

1. Dissolve the dye with the correct amount of warm water.
2. Then add this to 6 litres of warm water with 5 tablespoons of salt in.
3. Add the bottom of the jacket to the water and swirl the water around to ensure that the dye is evenly spread.
4. Stir every fifteen minutes.
5. After half an hour add a little more of the jacket to the dye.
6. After another fifteen minutes take out the jacket and place into a bucket of cold water.
7. Then wash in the washing machine, without any powder or liquid.

And there you have it! A fancy pants dip dyed jacket! While I was at it I also dyed a pair of shorts and tie-dyed a white vest and they all look pretty good!

On another note, do you like my skull nails? I got these nail stickers from an internet shop and absolutely love them! Will post soon on some of the other designs! *Nail varnishes used are Model's Own Lilac Dream and Jade Stone.

Back to watching the Olympics!

KJ xxx


  1. Such a cool outfit, love the DIY jacket and the bargain top! Your nails are so cool! I'm also very addicted to the Olympics, it's constantly on these days!

    Pip x

  2. love that jacket and the pattern of the top, also love your nails xx

  3. Nice jacket, it looks very nice!
    Im you newest follower! :)
    Follow back? HippieChicPao

  4. Great work on the jacket, I love how you wore it! x

  5. Love your jacket and nails :) xo

  6. The dip dye is so clever, love your hair too!x


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