Wednesday, 13 June 2012

All that glitters is gold...

Shirt- from mum's wardrobe, great to wear with the top button up but can also work as a jacket open over vests.
Skirt- the old faithful from Miss Selfridge.

After another fun but tiring day at school I put this on to head out to the pub quiz, but we ended up not going so that D could prepare for his job interview, so I ended up being very overdressed for a night in watching the football! Apologies for the pasty legs poking out, ripped a huge hole in my tights so now need to pick some more up! Any suggestions?
I love this shirt which I stole from my mum (some of my favourite clothes have been swiped from her wardrobe!), it's totally free and I know I won't see any of my friends in the same stuff. The pattern is really intricate and it goes with so many differnt colours, although I usually pair it with my black skirt, or my lilac pastel skinnies.
Can you notice the little gold glimmer poking out from under the collar??? After seeing a few of these bib style necklaces on other people's blogs I knew I'd get loads of wear out of one, as I'm forever wearing collared shirts. I headed off excited to the Trafford Centre to try and find one, and spotted the necklaces of my DREAMS in H &M, a rose gold number, but the only one left had a weird lump on it, not attractive. Sadly I had to accept that I wouldn't be able to justify buying it and moved on. But weirdly enough, when I was exploring the Models Own section in Boots I noticed this little beauty that was only £8!


One last thing...for the past few days my little block of flats has been covered in fluff from some trees near us, has anyone else ever had this? It makes it look as though it's snowing in the middle of June! Feel like I live in Narnia!
Not sure whether you can see it on this pic, but it's beautiful!

KJ xxx

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