Thursday, 21 June 2012

Here comes the sun...

Dress- Topshop, almost ten years ago now! Is still a little tight, but I love the fifties style of it.
Sunglasses- Primark, £2.

What a beautiful day it was! D and I made the most of it with a two hour walk down the river to Chorlton Water Park. How gorgeous is the scenery! I can't believe we live 10 minutes away from Manchester city centre and also have this river at the end of the road!

Then I met up with Becky, one of my friends from Uni who I haven't seen in forever. Was great to catch up on all her crazy gossip, and we had some tasty food at a little French cafe in town.

Being a big lazy I asked D to come and collect me and we ended up on a spontaneous late night cinema trip to see Red Lights, good film!

Was a mad busy day but was so lovely.
I also got the good news that I am on a first overall for the 2nd year of my degree, can't believe it! So happy!

Enjoy the sun!

KJ xxx


  1. great look!

  2. Your dress is a dream - I'm completely in love! The colour is especially gorgeous!

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  3. That is such a cute little dress, I can't believe you got it ten years ago!


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