Thursday, 28 June 2012

Where the heart is...

Thought that today I would give you a sneaky peak around the flat that D and I love very much! Have snapped some pictures of my favourite little bits and bobs from around the place. What do you think???
(No outfit of the day as I'm teaching dancing all tonight so I'm just in a leotard, no one needs to see that!)

Doesn't feel like home without some bright flowers and thoughtful cards!

My little home made bathroom box! Made from an old wine box, I stenciled the design on with two different shades of green.

Tapestry cushions.

Multi-coloured glass light, original from the fifties, was in our flat when we moved in-how lucky!

The bunting that I made from swatches of fabric from Ebay.

Present from my mum.

This hanger was also a present from my mum. Have made most of the bits hanging from it, apart from the yellow and black, which are badges from my placements.
What are your favourite pieces from around your home???
I always hold a special place in my heart for gifts or items which I have made myself!

KJ xxx


  1. thanks for the comment. I love your home made box, such a good idea, and I love the text!

  2. PS, Just followed you. I loved getting my 1st follower so thought I'd give you the same buzz!! Would love it if you followed me back

  3. so cute! love that pillow!!!


  4. Such a cute home :] I love all the personal touches. That pillow is adorable.

  5. Sooo pretty,I really enjoyed in those pictures;)

  6. Ahh, your apartment has the cutest bits and bobs! (:


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