Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kiss and make up...

Bit of a different one today. I love reading reviews of beauty products on other blogs, so I thought I'd take you through my tried and tested daily make-up routine.


Foundation- Body Shop Moisturising foundation, picked this up in an emergency when my other foundation leaked all over my bag! But so glad I did, feels lovely and light on my skin and has a really nice smell!

Bronzer- Body Shop bronzing pearls, I'm so pale so these are a must!

Blush- Benetint from benefit, a dream product! Has lasted for so so long and can use it on lips, cheeks, anything!

Highlighter- Moon Beam from benefit, great to put both under and over make-up, gives that glow that I love!


Eye shadows- Compact from No7, use the lightest shade on the inside of my eyelid then blend to the darkest shade as I move out.

Eyeliner- Bad Gal by benefit, amazing chunky eyeliner!

Mascara- Bad Lash by benefit, I really like the length that this gives, I don't really like the 'thick' eyelash look, so this is perfect for me!

Assorted lipglosses- From a set called 'welcome to glossytown' by benefit, what a great birthday present! They glide on with a fair amount of colour and are so so glossy!

For everyday I tend to just use a lip balm and my favourites are the Burts Bees minty one or 'sweet lemon' butter from the Body Shop.

Has anyone got any wonder products they love to use???

KJ xxx


  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!!

    Now following you!!! :) :)

    And what a great blog, definitely looking forward to your next post! :D


  2. Great product selection! I love that foundation!


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