Thursday, 7 June 2012

C'est la vie...

Past few days have been pretty eventful!  After getting back from London on the Sunday night we pretty much just slept and watched tv. Monday was spent wandering round the Trafford Centre, lusting after all the summer clothes that have just come in and munching on an amazing Zizzi salad with my mum. After stocking up on summer time drinks, D and I then had our own little jubilee celebrations with Pimms, cider and homemade cupcakes (which I'm very proud of!)

Tuesday then started off in a pretty normal way, D had work to do so I got to potter round the food shops. Had some friends over for dinner, which was supposed to be a relaxed and civilised affair. Ended up at the usual pub quiz, didn't win as per, then onto the chinese karaoke bar! Amazing and horrific all in equal measures! Every night out at the moment seems up to end up there, probably because there is only ever the 5 of us, singing to ourselves. There are some pictures (and videos eek) of that night but I'll spare the world from those. Lets just say me and Holly were in a 90s retro mood, with Spice Girls and B*Witched featuring heavily! Today D and I decided to do something a bit more productive and headed off to try and play mini-golf, but we had forgotten that it's actually the dreaded half-term and the whole placed was packed with kids. So we did a bit of shopping (new stuff for him, not me) and headed home. And I'd made such an effort with my outfit, cable knit jumper in homage to the crazy knitwear you always see golfers in, oh well!
Top was a right bargain last Christmas from Tesco, spotted on the food shop! So similar to loads that are always in Topshop etc, but was only £15!
Skirt is from Urban Outfitters an age ago, I've had it since college but I can't stop wearing it-I just love the print. Everytime I browse Ebay it's always there so you can still buy it if I've tempted you!
Excuse the sunglasses and handbag, not so tidy!

KJ xx

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