Wednesday, 6 June 2012


A nice cheesy post title to start things off with!
So I've finally gotten around to what I have been wanting to do for ages and started a blog. I've loved reading other peoples' for years, probably as I'm such a nosey person, but I find it fascinating to see how other people style their outfits, what products they recommend etc. I guess the main theme will probably be clothes, as that's what's normally on my mind, but some other stuff might creep in too, such as anywhere exciting I visit, or any makes which I think might interest anyone!
Mainly, I just want to be able to look back when I'm old and grey and see a documented collection of all my memories.
Speaking of memories, the last weekend will be full of them! D's sister works on The Voice UK, and managed to wangle us tickets to the final so we decided to treat ourselves and make a weekend of it! We started off in style with a cheeky first class train journey (only bought because it worked out cheaper than a normal ticket!), where we took FULL advantage of the free drinks policy and got nicely tipsy on gin and white wine. Then we had a little trip down to Camden and Fulham for drinks and a gorgeous Italian meal. Saturday was spent trying to browse the stalls at Portobello, which didn't go so well, it was so packed that we could hardly walk, let alone get to the stalls! After watching the show on the Saturday (which was actually incredible, much more exciting than it comes across on TV, and clearly Tom Jones is just a legend), we went for a couple of drinks with the family and we made sure we were patriotic in our outfits, what with it being the Diamond Jubilee of course!
I'd been browsing some of my usual websites to inspire my red, white and blue outfit theme, with the following jumping out to me...

1- Accesorize bag, I'm a bit of a sucker for a summer floral print, so this is the perfect Britsh bag for me.

2-Lavish Alice dress, loving the 50s shape and print of this red, white and blue dress.

3-Missguided shoes, After seeing these slipper style shoes doing the blogging rounds I am massively hankering after this bright blue pair, although they are ridiculously similar to a pair of loafers I already own, just need to work out how to justify the purchase!

4-Motel dress, who doesn't love a stripey skater dress!

5-Not on the high street hanging heart, love this website for personalised homeware, but don't love the £20 price tag of this! Thought it looked pretty simple so actually made one, might put a DIY up at some point.

6-River Island shorts, LOVE full stop.

7-Yayer shirt, the cool girls way to do Jubilee dressing.

After all this I decided I needed something reasonably dressy, that I wouldn't get too hot on during the filming and spotted this little number in a local shop (actually on my road, VERY dangerous!)

Wore it with a white belt and some red brogues, comfy but just the right colours!

Then returned to Manchester for our own little Jubilee celebrations, will put up some pics tomorrow.

KJ x

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