Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Too cool for school...

Top- Got this in the Christmas sales from New Look for about £5! I'd seen it on someone months before when I was out and couldn't get the beautiful bird print out of my head. Do you ever do that? See someone in an item you love and then dream and search for it for the next few weeks? I know I do!
I won't show you the bottoms as it was a very boring black skirt which was entirely appropriate school wear but not really the height of fashion.
Shoes- Urban Outfitters, one of my favourite places in the world! But can sometimes be a bit pricey compared to my usual choices of Primark, ebay, charity shops etc, but sometimes you can get a bargain there! I always love how they put the outfits together in the Manchester one, it's so inspiring! As are the staff there!

So last night was spent eating all over the leftover food from the weekend, watching the football and snoozing-productive I know! Although I had been in school all day so I was pretty tired! Scarily I will be going into my third year of uni come September which means trying to sort out what will be happening after that. Luckily I've pretty much always known I want to be a teacher, so have been trying to get as much experience in schools as I can before I start the application  process, eek! I despise writing personal statements, just seems so big headed! Anyone got any tips?
Anyways, must go, got a mass of boring stuff to get through before the pub quiz tonight, fingers crossed to win the beer vouchers!

KJ xxx

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