Monday, 11 June 2012

Button Moon...

So last night was our games and tapas night and it went pretty well all round (I'm just happy as I won The Chase!).
I needed an outfit which wasn't too tight or warm as we ended up making SO mch food, this was what I ended up with.
Top-H&M £14.99, an amazing sort of metallicy finish which you can't really see in this pic, goes with everything and is perfect for fat days!
Skirt-the vintage section at Urban Outfitters a while ago, the bit where there take old clothes and jazz them up a bit if you know which section I mean! The buttons on this are reasons enough to buy this skirt, so so pretty! After buying this I decided I wanted to try and make my own version with some gorgeous Liberty print fabric I picked up down in London, along with a wide black waist band. If it goes well I'll whack up a tutorial, fingers crossed!

Few pics to show off the shoes I paired it with, SERIOUS heels from Topshop, ideal for nights with little to no walking! And the menu which D made, what a loser! Shows our little kitchen noticeboard though, and the new colour of our walls, bright turquiose which I lovelovelove!
Was at a secondary school doing work experience today, so will post a shattered account of it tomorrow.

KJ xxx

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