Sunday, 17 June 2012

Monochromes, Karaoke and fake duck...

D's birthday weekend, and it's gone with a bang! First was Friday, started off like a beautiful sunny day but ended up hailing-crazy crazy British weather! Went for a bit of a monochrome vibe, with a little black dress from Glamorous (has a cute little frill at the top that you can't see) and a headscarf which I made from some material cut from a blouse that doesn't fit me anymore, great idea and it worked pretty well I think!

When it was sunny I matched it up with some bargainous primark sunglasses that were only £2!
The Saturday was work at dancing, then a mad rush back to get ready for D's birthday night out. First we had some friends and family round to play on our new toy, the Xbox kinnect (AMAZING fun and the best exercise, I'm gonna be ripped!). Proud to say I won the bowling :)
Then headed out for drinks and karaoke and general embarassing times. No outfit pics sadly as I was in such a rush but I wore my trusty Miss Selfridge black skater and a new little suntop from Topshop with a bit of a 50s style.
Then today was a family meal at the local Chinese, which had the best veggie selection ever ever. Filled up on hot and sour soup and fake duck, now I'm like a beached whale on the sofa!
This was my outfit (with some handy spanx underneath it all!)
What a weird pic of my face! Never mind eh, it's all about the clothes!

Hope everyone out there had a nice weekend too!

KJ xxx


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