Friday, 29 June 2012

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

Top- H&M £14.99, shorts-£5 Primark, shoes-£8 Primark
Got my smartest gear on today for a meeting at dancing, grey shorts and brogues. It went pretty well and finished earlier than I thought so D and I went for an adventure down by the river, which culminated in a pretty impressive game of handstands!

It's my birthday tomorrow (woop woop 22!) so I'm out for a Chinese with my grandparents tonight. I always try and dress a little more conservatively when I'm visiting my grandparents so I've opted for a green dress that I got in the sale from Urban Outfitters, dressed up with some of my favourite rings.

Dress-Urban Outfitters £21, Shoes- M&S £14.99

Rings-'junk shop' which is a little vintage shop near me, think they were around £3 each.

Haha! Just realised how my favourite colours are clearly greens and blues! Everything blends in together! I'm almost the same colour as my kitchen wall...stylish!

Might be Sunday when I next post as I'm working in the day on my birthday but then heading out for a (hopefully) wild night! Will post the obligatory birthday haul photos and my special outfit of the day.

I'm so so excited, I love birthdays for seeing family and friends, and I'm intrigued as to what people will have bought me...I'll let you know!

Happy birthday to any other June birthdays!

KJ xxx


  1. I LOVE the rings! OH MY GOSH! SO SO cutee!! :)

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  2. Happy b-day Karen sweety :)
    Hope its a good one!

    1. Thanks lovely! Has been fab so far :) xx

  3. WOW!You look so stunning,honey,I can't take my eyes off;)

  4. Love that first picture of you! And the green dress looks stunning. Hope you had a great Birthday.

  5. Love your nail polish! Hope you had a happy birthday.

  6. Green looks amazing on you! It goes great with your hair color! Love the dress and your blog :)

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  7. That is such a good colour against your skin~

  8. That is a seriously impressive handstand!

    Love your dress too - such a nice colour!

  9. Gorgeous outfit! I adore your nails, what fantastic colours!


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